Gone But Not Forgotten!

As the sun set on the official final day of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital, an eerie silence filled the corridors of a once bustling metropolitan hospital.

From the cradle to the grave, with much in between, the hospital played a pivotal role in the lives of many patients, workers, and visitors, from its opening in 1856 until its closure in 2017.

One Adelaide photographic enthusiast captured hundreds of images on the day that the doors were closed for the last time. Damian Hill has kindly permitted use of his photographs by the Health Museum and has published them on his Flickr site.

Also amongst his Flickr albums are images of the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and well known South Australian icons.

Head on over to https://www.flickr.com/photos/baytram366/albums/with/72177720297997949 to have a look at his work.

All images subject to copyright. Please contact Damian Hill via the Flickr page ‘Baytram366’ for further information.

Written by Jacquelyne Ladner, CALHN Health Museum