About the Health Museum

The Health Museum is currently supported by the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Central Adelaide Local Health Networks. It is run by the CALHN Health Museum team who are supported by dedicated volunteers working in all areas from collection management and conservation to digitization.

The CALHN Health Museum has two locations: main office and exhibit area is located at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and a second office at The Queen Elizabeth including display rooms. The CALHN Health Museum is responsible for the medical history of CALHN institutions including Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA Dental, SA Pathology, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, plus some private collections as well.

Through its exhibits, educational programs, and public events, the CALHN Health Museum assists in a greater understanding and appreciation of the medical and health care history to past and present employees, students, academic community, and the general public. The CALHN Health Museum also provides research opportunities through the use of its artefacts, manuscripts, images and library collections.

In April 2019, a Significance Assessment was completed on the collection through the National Libraries of Australia. The CALHN Health Museum has been duly accorded status within Australia’s Distributed National Collection and is of outstanding historical significance to the Australian nation.