About the Health Museum

The Health Museum is currently supported by the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Central Adelaide Local Health Networks. It is run by the Heritage Office team who are supported by dedicated volunteers working in all areas from collection management and conservation to digitization.

Launched in May 2014, the web-based Health Museum showcases objects and biographies from the collections of:

  • Royal Adelaide Hospital Heritage Office
  • Calvary Hospital
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • South Australian Dental Historical Society
  • St John Ambulance Museum

In the long term it will cover all aspects of South Australian health, recognising the many contributions made by professionals, not just those in hospitals, but in the community as a whole (including industry). In addition to doctors, nurses and surgeons, it will also acknowledge the work of dentists, pharmacists, allied health professionals, laboratory staff, bio-medical engineers, hospital administrators and departments of various institutions.