History Festival: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Have you ever wondered why we have ear wax or what disease can do to your bones? To find out, come along to our exhibition across two sites, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where we will explore the systems of the body. At TQEH, learn about the renal system and the history and advances in the treatment of kidney disease. At Hampstead, you will explore seven systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal, nervous, digestive and integumentary) and discover how amazing our bodies really are.

Presented by Central Adelaide Local Health Network, Royal Adelaide Hospital & The Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Throughout May: Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Mon-Fri 10am-4pm & Sat 22 May, 10am-3pm
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Tue & Wed 10am-4pm; Sat 8 May, 9am-1pm


Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre (first building on left at main entrance site entry), 207-235 Hampstead Rd, Lightsview
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Basement Tunnel (follow signage), 28 Woodville Rd, Woodville