Mary McFarlane

This Thursday, 25 April 2024, is Anzac Day. The day holds great national importance, marking the first significant military operation fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. While perusing our catalogue of war photographs, one image of Mary McFarlane stood out. This photograph hails from a pre-internet era, a time […]


The wheelchair has been used for centuries as a mobility aid for individuals with injury, illness, and disability. In the hospital environment, wheelchairs continue to be an essential part of patient care, although their design and mode of use has changed over time. The design of the wheelchair we are familiar with today was developed […]

Second World War Tea Rationing

“those who refuse to give up coupons, will not be allowed to have tea!” Royal Adelaide Board Minutes, 22 July 1942 It was common during the Second World War, for there to be shortages and restrictions on certain household items and foodstuffs. Tea, which was an imported good, was particularly disrupted, due to ships and […]