The CALHN Health Museum Visits the Parliamentary Library

Recently the CALHN Health Museum staff and volunteers visited the Parliamentary Library in Parliament House on North Terrace.

We were fortunate enough to be given a tour of the library by Parliamentary Librarian, John Weste. While in this amazing location, John immersed us in the history of the library and highlighted prominent items that were on display.

Some of the highlights involved Mock Turtle Soup, the bust of a state luminary that was made twice, and a relic from the past that was hidden under a book shelf. We also had a peak in at John’s office – perhaps the most charming office in the state.

While we were there we were also able to check in on a display that we have set up of microscopes from the CALHN Heritage Collection. This includes objects that belonged to Sir Joseph Verco, the first medical person to receive a knighthood in South Australia and Ken Gifford who worked at IMVS (now SA Pathology) for 47 years.

Being able to view a small part of this magnificent building was fantastic, we here at the CALHN Health Museum highly recommend a visit.

Guided public tours of Parliament House are available free of charge at 10am & 2pm weekdays when Parliament is not sitting. The CALHN microscope display is located in the entrance to the library and will remain on display until the end of October.

More information on visiting Parliament House can be found here: