The Desk with a Secret

This rather ordinary looking desk at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital holds a secret. All you have to do is pull the desk drawer open, and all its secrets are revealed… On the base of the inside of the desk drawer are the scrawled messages of trainee nurses from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They range in […]

Nursing Education and Ayers House

From the 1950s to the 1970s Royal Adelaide Hospital student nurses attended Preliminary Training School (PTS) in Ayers House. Many students also lived in Ayers House and nearby buildings known as the annexes. Below are some memories from nurses that experienced this period of nursing training. Sister Kennedy was our tutor and she was fresh […]

The Happy Snaps and the Hospital Plans

Recently the CALHN Health Museum collaborated with The Hospital Research Foundation – Creative Health to produce an exhibition titled The Happy Snaps and the Hospital Plans as part of South Australia’s History Festival 2023. On display in the Creative Health Gallery at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre is a two part exhibition showcasing some of the CALHN […]

Want to be a nurse in the 1980s?

The CALHN Health Museum was recently able to digitise some of the old VHS tapes that we have in the collection. These videos have acted like little time capsules, waiting to be digitised and enjoyed again. One of my favourites is this Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) nursing recruitment video from the 1980s. The video highlights […]

Photographs of TQEH Trainee Nurses

Some of my favourite objects held in The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) heritage collection is a group of photo albums that contain individual photos of most of the nurses who did their training at the TQEH. These photos, taken when trainee nurse’s began their training, were usually passport photo size and taken against a plain […]