CALHN Health Museum Volunteers

On 1 August, our volunteers joined the Central Adelaide Local Health Network Volunteers to recognise their fantastic contributions to our organisation and community.

This year’s 2023 Reward and Recognition luncheon was held at the National Wine Centre of Australia. Our volunteers joined over 200 volunteers from multiple departments within the Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

Two of our volunteers, Linda and Kellie Branson, received Certificate of Services for five years as a volunteer at the CALHN Health Museum.

Linda and Kellie Branson

One of our longest serving volunteers, Karen Lai, received The Premier’s Certificate of Recognition for outstanding volunteer service.

Volunteer Activities

Last year our volunteers at both Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital have been involved in a variety of projects, these include:

  • Assisting to catalogue over 2000 historical objects and ephemera;
  • Contributing to the design, research and installation of museum exhibitions and tours, including South Australian History Festival and South Australian Parliament Research Library;
  • Identifying, scanning and digitizing photographs and documents from the collection;
  • Researching and writing articles and blogs for the Museum Website;
  • Compiling/editing a digitized working copy list of every nurse who worked at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital from 1958 to 1995;
  • Background research on the original Infectious Diseases Board members and assisting in researching location and major redevelopment changes to the Hampstead site; and
  • Assisting staff with accessioning and cataloging the many donations received during the year.
Standing: Karen Lai, Helen Coe, Margot Way; Seated: Kellie Branson, Kathy Riddell and Linda Branson

The CALHN Health Museum would like to thank all our volunteers for their invaluable contributions and hard work helping to preserve the medical history of South Australia.

By Margot Way, CALHN Health Museum