The CALHN Health Museum visits the Architecture Museum

Recently members of the CALHN Health Museum took the opportunity to visit the Architecture Museum at the University of South Australia’s City West Campus.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Dr Julie Collins, Architecture Museum curator. Dr Collins gave an introduction to the museum with its collection of over 200,000 items, including many architectural drawings and photographs.

Museum Curator, Dr Julie Collins in front of Architecture Museum
Dr Julie Collins introducing the Museum

Of particular interest to us were those related to health sites. These included original drawings for the Operating Theatre Block / McEwin building at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital, which opened in 1946. Another interesting insight were architectural plans that showed how increasing considerations around health and healthy living impacted residential housing design.

Colourful architectural drawing of McEwin Building
Architectural Drawing of Operating Theatre Block / McEwin building

This was a wonderful museum, packed full of interesting architectural gems. One of my personal favourites was a model of the Savings Bank of South Australia Head Office building.

If you would like to visit the Architecture Museum, it is open to the public by appointment. Visit their website here for further information.

Written by Jonathan Hull, CALHN Health Museum