Anniversaries in 2023

To help bring in the new year, I have compiled a list containing some items or events from our collection that have reached significant anniversaries in 2023.

This list is just a bit of fun and is no way exhaustive, if you know of other milestones related to South Australian health history that you think should be celebrated on this blog please let us know.

Can you guess what is celebrating a 100 year anniversary in 2023… keep reading to find out.

25th anniversary of…

The Hutt Street Private Hospital closing.

The Hutt Street Private Hospital opened in 1900 and was originally built and owned by Matron Rosa Banks. The hospital closed in 1998.

50th anniversary of…

This scrapbook that was presented to Miss Irene Kennedy upon her retirement.

Miss Irene Kennedy completed her Nursing training at the Adelaide Hospital in 1936. From 1949 she developed the Preliminary Training School for nurses at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. In 1956 she was appointed Assistant Matron and three years later became Deputy Matron. She became Matron (later known as Superintendent of Nursing) in 1966. Kennedy retired in December 1973.

Miss Irene Kennedy, Matron / Superintendent of Nursing at the RAH from 1966-1973. 4.2.72

75th anniversary of…

A magpie receiving treatment at the RAH.

Yep, who would have thought. Strange but true.

100th anniversary of…

The Adelaide Dental Hospital building opening.

The Dental Hospital building was built in 1923, it was demolished in 1965 and replaced by a larger building.

2023 is going to be another eventful year at the Health Museum of South Australia, so stay tuned for new exhibitions, history festival events and tons more informative blogs on our website.

Written by Jonathan Hull, CALHN Health Museum