History Mystery. Can you solve our Coat of Arms conundrum?

The origin and meaning of Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre’s Coat of Arms has baffled us for some time.

Historical Background

Facing Hampstead Road, our heritage listed building has proudly displayed the Coat of Arms since the hospital was opened in 1932 as the Metropolitan Infectious Diseases Hospital, Northfield.

At that time, the hospital was controlled by the Metropolitan Board of Health and was financed by local councils.

Under construction, 1928. The Coat of Arms is above the front portico. State Library of South Australia B4905.

In 1948, control passed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the facility was renamed the Northfield Wards. The Northfield Wards combined with the nearby Morris Hospital in the 1980s and was repurposed as the Hampstead Centre, now Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre.

The building and Coat of Arms today. Photographer Jacquelyne Ladner.

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Written by Jacquelyne Ladner, CALHN Health Museum