A Splash of Colour – The Dashorst Murals in the Old Royal Adelaide Hospital

Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means to recovery.

Florence Nightingale
Do you remember the murals that brightened the walls of the basement corridor of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital?

The murals were by South Australian artist Gilbert Dashorst, who is probably best known as the botanical illustrator for the Adelaide Botanic Gardens from 1983-2012.

The murals were painted in the long corridor – situated under the Residential and North Wings – which was the main thoroughfare between the multi-storey carpark at the back of the site and the lifts in the basement to the hospital above.

Dashorst’s artwork were not just in the basement corridor, the mural below was in the main entrance.

He also completed the Botanic Walk Murals, a series of 10 panels depicting the Botanic Gardens. These were located on level 5 of the Hospital. The murals were designed by Dashorst and painted by the community of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Written by Jonathan Hull